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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Château Monsarrat? Is it possible to rent rooms there?

The Château Monsarrat is a grand stone residence built in 1929 and classified as a heritage building by the city of Gatineau in 1998. It is the community and recreation centre for the members of the Recreational Association of “Les Jardins du Château”. It contains rooms of various sizes able to accommodate groups from 5 to 75 in number for receptions, weddings, colloquiums, training sessions and business meetings.

To rent one or more rooms, please contact the Château manager at 819-778-1725 or
by e-mail at chateau@jardinsduchateau.com.

2) Where is the Château Monsarrat?

The Château Monsarrat is situated at 100 rue du Château in the Hull sector of Gatineau in the Outaouais region, province of Quebec. It is one kilometre from the Champlain Bridge. The postal code is J9A 1T3.

3) How much does it cost to rent a room at the Château Monsarrat?

The cost of the rooms varies with the duration of the rental, the number of people involved and the complementary services required. Individuals, representatives of the public and private sectors as well as non-profit organizations can take advantage of prices comparable with those of our competitors.

People, organizations or groups who wish to rent one or several rooms at the Château Monsarrat, sign a contract which specifies the types of rentals as well as the dates, the rooms, the cost, the people responsible, etc. They must, among other things, agree to respect certain conventions concerning the sites, and noise levels given that the Château is a heritage building situated in a residential neighbourhood.

4) Is there a catering service?

No, but the Château manager can make recommendations according to the type of menu you require and can look after certain aspects of your order with the caterer you select. The Château has a large commercial style kitchen with refrigerator, stove and dish washer.

5) What furniture and services are included in a rental?

The Château Monsarrat provides tables, chairs, a flip chart, a lectern, a screen and an Internet connection.

6) May we bring our own alcoholic beverages?

No, because the Château is already holder of an alcohol licence. It offers a complete selection of beverages: beer, wine, spirits, aperitifs and digestives. Prices are very reasonable.

7) May we play music during a social activity?

Yes, you may bring any kind of music you like with you or hire musicians of your choice. Sound levels, however, must be kept reasonable in order to respect the peace and quiet of the residents who live close to the Château. The Château manager can provide you with more precise information on this subject.

8) What time do rentals end?

Since the Château is situated in a residential area, activities must end by one a.m. Clients should always discuss this matter with the Château manager.

9) Is parking available?

Yes, free parking is available. It is necessary, of course, to respect all signage and park vehicles only in the spaces reserved for the Château Monsarrat.

For more information, please contact the Château manager:

Telephone: 819-778-1725
Fax: 819-778-7892
E-mail: chateau@jardinsduchateau.com
Internet: www.jardinsduchateau.com