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Room Rentals at the Château Monsarrat

Would you like to rent one or several rooms at the Château Monsarrat for a business meeting or a wedding? The Château is an imposing heritage home situated in a peaceful, enchanting setting in the Hull sector of Gatineau (Outaouais region) just across the river from Ottawa. Here you will find rooms able to accommodate from 10 to 75 people as well as free parking.

During the day, the Château is ideal for colloquiums, training sessions, work encounters and business meetings.

In the evening or on the weekend, the Château becomes an excellent setting for friendly get-togethers, cocktails, weddings (ceremony and reception), anniversaries, parties and baptisms.

Welcome to this site. Here you will find a virtual tour, a photo album, a description of the rooms and services, a section of frequently asked questions, how to get in touch with us and a history of the Château. To make a reservation, click on Contact Us and communicate with the Château manager.